An Estate Planning Checklist for Your Head and Heart 

An Estate Planning Checklist for Your Head and Heart Your estate plan isn’t just about distributing your assets; it’s also about ensuring your loved ones are taken care of, your wishes are honored, and potential complications are avoided. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through an essential estate planning checklist to help you make…

Can I Appeal Medicare Surcharges?

Planning for Medicare and adequate healthcare coverage is central to retirement planning. Often, unknown Medicare surcharges lurk for those over certain income thresholds. This post discusses those fees, thresholds, and your options for reducing them. What is a Medicare Surcharge? Medicare surcharges (also known as income-related monthly adjustment amount or IRMAA) increase the premiums paid…

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The Power of Thinking About Retirement

Individuals and retirement planning experts alike are recognizing that a successful and satisfying retirement experience depends on more than a healthy nest egg. In fact, retirement should be thought of as a major life transition that deserves thought and preparation in all areas of life. (I like to provide you with a few options for…

Challenges for women approaching retirement, photo of two women having a discussion while looking at a laptop.

Challenges for Women Approaching Retirement

Woman’s Retirement Radio – With Brenna Baucum “One of the biggest barriers might be the financial industry itself. It’s incredibly difficult to navigate information out here meaningfully.” Collective Wealth Planning Founder Brenna Baucum speaks on the Women’s Retirement Radio about navigating the financial industry and the challenges facing women as they approach retirement.